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Hamsa Necklace: Designed for Style and Meaning

hamsa necklace tefillat hederech

A Hamsa necklace is a piece of jewelry that carries a lot of meaning. It is worthwhile for individuals purchasing a symbolic jewelry piece to learn the meaning behind the specific sign, as it can have a fascinating significance and even offer positive influences and energies which would otherwise be unknown to the wearer.

A Hamsa necklace is both popular and stylish for men and women alike. While this type of necklace is absolutely beautiful and comes in a variety of metals including silver, gold, opal and more, there is much more to it than simple physical appearance and flair. Hamsa is actually quite meaningful in itself and popular across many different cultures. The Hamsa hand is a common motif in fashionable evil eye jewelry.

So what exactly is Hamsa and what is the meaning behind it?

Hamsa is a palm or hand-shaped talisman that can frequently be found in jewelry and decorative pieces. The hamsa depicts an open hand with three extended fingers in the middle and generally a curved thumb on either side. It is utilized as a sign of general fortification, blessings, strength and power, as well as protection against the evil eye. As per many communities across the globe, the evil eye is a stare believed to result in injury or bad luck for the individual at whom it is focused due to jealousy and/or aversion, whether these negative feelings are intentional or not.

Contemporary Jewish Rings and Their Meaning

Jewish rings tefillat haderech

The designers of contemporary Jewish rings have been inspired by the rich Jewish tradition found around the world. These rings come in many sizes, colors and designs and include symbols that are traditionally Jewish. On many of these rings, you can find the Star of David, as well as quotes from scared Jewish texts. Because of this, many of these rings are thought to be symbols of good fortune, love, protection and success.

With the internet being the main source of information and items, ones purchase power is greater than it ever was before. By going online you can find a huge selection of Jewish jewelry accessories for both men and women. These beautiful pieces of jewelry are a fantastic and stylish way to show the faith the Jews have in God. They are considered to be amulets that bring hope and all things positive into the life of the wearer.

Mezuzah and Jewish Tradition

wood mezuzah yair emanuel

What is a Mezuzah?

Mezuzahs are a slim case with a prayer scroll rolled into it which can be found on the doorposts of traditional Jewish homes.
Generally, the Mezuzah is placed on the left doorposts – so when you exit a room the Mezuzah will be on the post to your left. The scroll is written on a special paper and handwritten in a specific style of writing.

Some people will only place a Mezuzah on the post of doors that lead outside. However, traditionally you would place a Mezuzah on each room in the house except for the washroom.

Symbolism of the Mezuzah

The mitzvah is in the scroll rolled into the Mezuzah casing which contains a prayer called the “Shema” (Deut. 11:13-21). On the back of the scroll has G-d’s name written on it and on the Mezuzah case has the first letter of G-d’s name on it. There are different theories as to why we keep Mezuzot on the door posts. The most widely accepted is that G-d commands, in Deut 6:4-9, that the Jewish people remember his words and keep the Shema prayer close – both in mind and heart. So the Mezuzah is a symbolic representation of this agreement with God.

Renowned Jewish Artist Turns Struggling Economy into Opportunity to Help Repair the World

When Bruce David first put his artistic creativity onto paper in 1979, it was not the insights or knowledge of a trained art student or seasoned professional that guided his hand. Even to this day, David confesses that his father was talked into helping him with his drawing projects, so that he could pass art classes in his early years. It wasn’t until his dedicated wife gave him a pad of paper and some colored pencils that the creative inspiration began to flow. “An artist is the last thing I thought I would be,” David admits, “I truly feel fortunate to have been given such a wonderful gift.”  Using this “gift,” Bruce David has been creating colorful and dynamic, unique, biblical, storytelling pictures, filled with hidden multi-dimensional symbolism for over 30 years. And his efforts have proven successful. Receiving educational awards and international acclaim, Bruce David’s art has found its way into the hearts and homes of communities around the world, as one of the leading Jewish artists of our time. When McGraw Hill publishers chose one living and one deceased Jewish artist to represent Judaism in one of their college textbooks, Bruce David was highlighted alongside of Marc Chagall. Addtionally, Hallmark Cards has used (and sold out of) multiple series of cards, utilizing David’s dynamic designs.

During the past 3 decades, Bruce David has strived to create meaningful art, which both reflects the beautiful and relevant aspects of Judaism, as well as serves as educational and inspirational tool for its viewers. “I want people to look at my art and develop an appreciation for Judaism and Israel. My hope is that it will help others increase their conscious awareness of who and what they are, and what it means to be Jewish,” he said. Working side-by-side with his wife, Diane, David has been developing an educational curriculum to use his art in an enlightening manner. It was not until this past spring, when his son graduated from college that his dreams began to manifest. Graduating from Indiana University with a business degree, David’s son, Joshua, agreed to rise to the challenge of turning those dreams into a reality. Over the course of the past 9 months, they have already been to San Francisco for a 2 month exhibit in the Fall, started a non-profit organization to support Jewish education, and are ready to launch their new user-friendly website (davidart.com). Working together, the father-son team has started a program to assist students and young professionals across the country in supplementing their cost of living. The New S.O.N.G. (Supporting Our Next Generations) Mitzvah Project allows individuals, schools, and organizations to support their fundraising and financial needs, by sharing Bruce David’s art in communities across the nation. “By supporting our next generation of Jewish students, we are not only helping them attain financial stability, thereby supporting their own efforts, but we are also spreading the important and relevant aspects of Judaism that benefit our world as a whole.”

Aside from trying to help our next generation financially and ideologically, David and his son have established a non-profit organization that will utilize David’s art for Jewish educational programming. The recently established non-profit, “Light of the Nations” (LOTNexperience.org) provides communities around the country with contemporary educational programming, through art, music, and uniquely crafted interactive experiences, allowing participants to experience Judaism through the senses. When asked about the programs, David’s son responded that, “our programs are designed to share the spirit, beauty, importance, and modern-day relevance of Judaism and its universally-oriented ideology. Our experiential art, music, meditation, discussion, and action-based programs engage participants in interactive experiences, designed to offer unique opportunities for individuals to reconnect with their Jewish identity and culture.” Though still in formation, Light of the Nations has achieved 501(c)(3) status, begun their fund raising efforts, and is already taking reservations for their day and weekend programming, beginning in 2011. Light of the Nations, temporarily has information on Bruce David’s website, but also has launched a new website of their own – LOTNexperience.org. For more information, take a look at Bruce David’s new website: davidart.com

Magical Judaica books by Israeli artist Jack Jaget

judaica book

Jewish artist Jack Jaget is a native American who now lives and works in Israel. Jack Jaget has become widely known for his artistic designs of Judaica books. Take a closer look at his works and you’ll be amazed!

Jack Jaget’s Judaica books : Middle Ages is back in fashion

Jaget is a graduate of Music and Art High School and the Cooper Union Art School of New York.  Jack Jaget has designed books for major publishing companies in the US, winning many awards. One of the awards is the prestigious Best 50 Books.

Jack Jaget’s Judaica books are encased in handcrafted covers of precious woods, leather and gold-plated metals. Meticulously hand-painted with fine lacquers and gold leaf, these fine materials are treated to look as if they are from the middle ages. Jack Jaget’s Judaica books often come with full-color illustrations.

judaica book

Jack Jaget – Judaica books and much more!

Jack Jaget’s Judaica books include the Bible, book of Psalms Siddur and more. Each is meticulously handmade at his studio. These designed editions make great gifts for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

Jack Jaget’s designs also  cover a wide range of religious articles including Mezuzah cases, Tzedakah box and Torah pointers. You can find many of Jack Jaget’s artworks at Most Original- Handmade Judaica Online!.