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The Hanukkah Menorah – A Well-known Jewish Symbol

hanukkah menorah jewish wedding

What is a Hannukah Menorah?

The Hannukah Menorah is probably one of the best known Jewish symbols around.  However, it is not merely a symbol, but it is also an integral part of one of the key Jewish holidays, Hannukah. This is also a holiday which is a lot of fun for Jews across the world incorporating a variety of traditions which make it a special time for everyone.  In order to really understand the importance of the Hannukah menorah, let’s take a look at the holiday of Hannukah itself.

The Hamsa hand motif in Kabbalah jewelry

kabbalah jewelry hamsa hand

Kabbalah jewelry comes beautifully decorated with a combination of gems, beads and bands. Some basic trinkets can be seen in most types of Jewish jewelry. The Hamsa hand is among these and can be seen in most bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Historians are unsure where the concept of the hand originated, though some early depictions can be seen in some of the world’s oldest civilizations. Art and artifacts dating as far back as the Mesopotamian era can be seen with the Hamsa hand.

Hamsa Necklace: Designed for Style and Meaning

hamsa necklace tefillat hederech

A Hamsa necklace is a piece of jewelry that carries a lot of meaning. It is worthwhile for individuals purchasing a symbolic jewelry piece to learn the meaning behind the specific sign, as it can have a fascinating significance and even offer positive influences and energies which would otherwise be unknown to the wearer.

A Hamsa necklace is both popular and stylish for men and women alike. While this type of necklace is absolutely beautiful and comes in a variety of metals including silver, gold, opal and more, there is much more to it than simple physical appearance and flair. Hamsa is actually quite meaningful in itself and popular across many different cultures. The Hamsa hand is a common motif in fashionable evil eye jewelry.

So what exactly is Hamsa and what is the meaning behind it?

Hamsa is a palm or hand-shaped talisman that can frequently be found in jewelry and decorative pieces. The hamsa depicts an open hand with three extended fingers in the middle and generally a curved thumb on either side. It is utilized as a sign of general fortification, blessings, strength and power, as well as protection against the evil eye. As per many communities across the globe, the evil eye is a stare believed to result in injury or bad luck for the individual at whom it is focused due to jealousy and/or aversion, whether these negative feelings are intentional or not.

Contemporary Jewish Rings and Their Meaning

Jewish rings tefillat haderech

The designers of contemporary Jewish rings have been inspired by the rich Jewish tradition found around the world. These rings come in many sizes, colors and designs and include symbols that are traditionally Jewish. On many of these rings, you can find the Star of David, as well as quotes from scared Jewish texts. Because of this, many of these rings are thought to be symbols of good fortune, love, protection and success.

With the internet being the main source of information and items, ones purchase power is greater than it ever was before. By going online you can find a huge selection of Jewish jewelry accessories for both men and women. These beautiful pieces of jewelry are a fantastic and stylish way to show the faith the Jews have in God. They are considered to be amulets that bring hope and all things positive into the life of the wearer.

Miriam’s Cup – A modern religious article for Passover Seder that celebrates Feminism

miriam's cup

Miriam’s Cup is a more recent ritual for our Passover Seder. The purpose it plays is to bestow honor upon Miriam and the role she played as the Prophetess of the Exodus. It serves to highlight all the great contributions Jewish women gave to our past and present culture.

The filling of this cup is followed by the second cup and before the washing of the hands takes place. The empty cup is raised and the following recitation is said: “Miriam’s cup is filled with water instead of wine. I invite all women at our Seder table to fill it with water from their own glasses.” The cup is then passed around to the women at the table so they can add some of their water to it.